Graphic Design is an all-encompassing term to convey communication through a visual means. Often, this may involve several disciplines like layout and composition, fonts, images and illustration – all tastefully and creatively executed.

In the Ad trade, Graphic Design is a key element in attracting consumers and creating the desire to buy. What ultimately separates good graphic design from great, is how it affects a company’s bottom line. Commercial artists know this and are very good at suppressing their urge to join the ranks of the Old Masters in lieu of a weekly pay-check. In fact, experienced graphic artists are well paid to affect our sensibilities. Just look at the world’s most famous logos and how much they impact our trust and their respective company profits.


Clearly, art sells and can make the difference in your bottom line. But how does one know if the graphic design elements in an Ad will work at all? The money-saving answer is simply to do a test. This can be done quickly and for very little cost.

For example, you can prepare two Ads and email each one to a different test group in your client list, (you do have a client list – don’t you?). Whichever Ad produces the best click results, is the one to go with across the board.

At Noasound, we encourage this type of testing before spending any money on the more costly forms of print advertising such as direct mail, newspaper or magazines. Of course, it helps to have the right talent available to produce the winning ad. This requires more than great taste and artistic skill. Understanding consumer behaviour, trends, and the influences on gender specific purchases, is equally important. This is where we can help.

print production advertising

We can advise, create and deliver top quality graphic creative for:

• Newspaper print ads and magazine ads
• Inserts, Flyers and Brochures
• POP’s and Posters
• Business Logo Design
• Corporate Folders
• Packaging Design
• Websites and Online Banners

And because most of our graphic design and print production work is done on-site, our turn-around time and costs are simply unbeatable!

From television storyboards and print ads to billboards and package design, our graphic design agency works hard to get your visuals noticed!
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