Radio Commercials can be serious or fun. And each type requires a different treatment. But the most important ingredient, is the announcer. The voice-over talent selected for a radio spot can be a match made in audio heaven or a complete disaster. Knowing who will do the best job, is what production houses are all about.

Audio Production studios know where to get the right talent and have a remarkable talent in matching up the right voice(s) to the radio spot in question.

We’ve found that the common denominator in great radio commercials is that they be entertaining. Remember, people are listening to the radio to be entertained as well as informed. This shouldn’t stop when radio commercials come on.


Have a listen to some of our productions.

  1. Aquatropical Fishies 1:02
  2. Cellcom Free Airtime 0:34
  3. Laurentian Lanes Finger Exercise 1:00
  4. Superbulbitis 0:34
  5. Therapy Wraps 0:32
  6. McArthur Lanes Bowling Month 0:31

If you’re looking for a fast way to build brand awareness, then jingles are the way to go. All it takes is the right message wrapped in a tune that people simply can’t get out of their heads.
Give a listen to these radio jingles