packaging design

At stake are billions of dollars and the rise and fall of companies around the world.
Yes. It’s the packaging design wars, where battling for prime selling space continues daily with winning products that owe much of their success to the visual impact of their package design.

With so much on the line, packaging design is one area that requires extensive knowledge about the product, the competition, consumer behaviour, trends, planograms, and the strict guidelines that big box stores expect. It also helps to be a creative thinker.

Unless you have been in the graphic design trenches for a while, the best decision you can make is to consider Noasound's design services to get your products noticed. We can make a huge difference in how well your product presents and appeals to store buyers and consumers. In fact, here’s our strategy for clients to save money when developing or redesigning a product…

Before the huge costs of manufacturing, packaging and shipping even begin, our clients commission us to create package designs as a means to “wow” store buyers into ordering products.

We help with product development and industrial design, realistic 3D product renderings as well as package design concepts. Not only that, but we can create floor displays and planograms for a total product presentation.

Thankfully, you won't find packaging we've designed on store shelves!

Creating product packaging that sells, isn’t enough, though. Packaging should convey the quality and integrity of the company as well as the quality and benefits of the product.

Consumers have a desire to touch and feel a product. This is often a crucial aspect leading to a purchase, so whenever possible we make sure this vital component is ever-present in the development phase of our custom packaging.

Our clients who have adopted this point of view, have been rewarded with products that are so successful and fast-selling, you probably won’t find them gracing the shelves of the country’s biggest consumer outlets, like Target, Walmart, Costco, Family Dollar, Home Depot and others.

Houseware, Giftware, Fashion & Apparel, Lighting, Food Products, Electronic Goods, Home & Garden…we’re a Packaging Design Agency with experience in all of these product classes and our approach has proven itself time and again to increase sales.

And that is:
To know the client, their products, their successes and failures. Know where they’ve been and where they want to be. Know their customers and do the kind of work you would do if it was your own company.

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