Do you remember the term "Word Of Mouth"?

It's still around today except for one thing. It's called Social Media. Which is short for "word of mouth on steroids."

Every second of the day, people around the world are interacting and sharing information. They're using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ and others to express themselves in every way possible. They've become so powerful and influential that Social media sites have given rise to a whole new business - Social Media Marketing.

As an advertiser, you need to know how to properly use these sites to build your brand, protect your brand and sell your products or services. When done properly, sales can really take off. But there's a dark side to Social Media sites that can have devastating effects on your business. Disgruntled customers.

There's always going to be someone that isn't happy with the way they've been treated. How you deal with keeping the reputation of your business intact requires pre-emptive thinking as well as immediate action to quickly keep an issue from escalating to an all-out viral stampede that crosses over to other media. To wit: United Airlines and the infamous "United Breaks Guitars".

If you've been to Facebook you know how quickly good, bad and ugly news can travel. If you need help to make social media work for you or some help with reputation management, give us a call: 514 235-6603. In the meantime, beware of thumbs that point.