Like a storefront window, your website showcases your products and services like no other media can - and then some. It can work for you like TV, Radio or Newspaper. It's Encyclopedic, the Town Crier, Problem Solver and Order-Taker all in one. Yet companies are only now harnessing its full potential.

But it is all for naught unless you either have:
1. A huge (Loyal) customer base or,
2. You are on the first pages of the search engines.

"A website does not guarantee exposure or sales"

The truth is, that simply having a website does not guarantee exposure or sales. Your website must be visible. Here again, is an example of how to save money simply by building your website so that it will be found. To that end, you must utilize the services of a web designer that is also an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In fact, having the wrong web designer build your site can be like building a beautiful brick and mortar store without lighting and electricity. It won't be seen and it won't work for you.

Noasound is a Web Design Agency building sites that people will find.


social media

And then there are the very small business owners who simply can't afford the time or money to build or manage a website properly. If they do, they usually fail in seeing any profitable results. We're talking your Ma & Pa Shops like hairdressers, therapists, auto body shops, landscapers, beauty salons, handymen, dance schools, painters and so on. Do they really need a website at all?

Surprisingly, no.

But they do need a web presence.
Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and other social websites have become a powerful way to list your product or services for free without actually having to build a website. Although it takes discipline and commitment to engage visitors through social media, many small business owners can learn the basics of participating in order to benefit their business. Noasound can certainly help you develop these social listings for far less than the cost of designing an entire website.

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